The exhibition was open in the Finžgarjeva gallery from December 5 to 27, 2023.

Pink lakes, high mountains, hundred-year-old oaks, endless fields, waterfalls, various city facades, cozy coffee shops, and grandmother’s yard are places of strength that Ukrainians fight for daily. They are our sources of recovery and the answer to the question, “For what?”. At the exhibition of painting prints, collages, and photographs of 27 Ukrainian artists, you will get to know the fantastic and powerful corners of the incredible country. Views and curiosities await you that leave an imprint on your heart and invite you to travel to see everything with your own eyes. Unfortunately, not all Ukrainian places of strength survived the russian aggression, but even their memories give us power and drive to continue the struggle.

Your purchase will bring a piece of resistance and beauty to your home and support the work of UARTIST, a community of Ukrainian artists that helps unite Ukrainian artists during the war. All prints below are for sale.

You can also donate to support a non-profit initiative UARTIST.
Contact: Anna Miklashevich, founder of the community Uartist and the exhibition curator.
, +38631017175 (Slovenian, English, Ukrainian)